28 Iconic Movie Scenes That Brought People To Tears

28 Iconic Movie Scenes That Brought People To Tears

The films we watch are meant to make us feel something. Sometimes they make us snort, different occasions they make us cry. In this article, we’ll be talking a few special sort of sadness that comes from watching iconic movie scenes – scenes so powerful that they bring us to tears.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 is, arguably, essentially the most emotional of the three Toy Story movies. We’ve grown to love the characters and their story, so when the group is down to its remaining moments, it’s a heartbreaking second. As Andy leaves for faculty, he offers his beloved toys to Bonnie, a younger lady who loves them and can take care of them simply as Andy had. It’s a bittersweet farewell between proprietor and toys and a reminder that every one good things should ultimately come to an finish.

When Ellie passes away, there's a crushing feeling of sadness that overwhelms us.

The primary ten minutes of Pixar’s Up might presumably be the saddest opening of any movie ever made. We watch a montage of the life of Carl and Ellie, and their hopes and desires for the future. When Ellie passes away, there's a crushing feeling of sadness that overwhelms us. We can’t assist however be affected by the couple’s heartbreaking story, and the sight of Carl shedding tears at her funeral. It’s a actually devastating moment.

Grave Of The Fireflies
Grave Of The Fireflies is undoubtedly some of the heartbreaking motion pictures ever made. We comply with Seita and Setsuko as they battle in publish-struggle Japan with no meals, shelter or household. When Setsuko eventually passes away, it’s a heartbreaking second and a reminder of just how cruel war will be. Even though we all know that it’s just a movie, seeing Uragami gravely wiping his tears as he watches his daughter’s burial is deeply moving.

The Lion King
The opening scene of The Lion King is one of the most iconic scenes in all of Disney cinema. We watch as Mustafa, king of the Pride Lands, passes away, leaving Simba feeling completely alone. It’s a second that hits us in the pit of our stomach and we can’t help however be moved by Simba’s grief. It’s a powerful and emotionally stirring scene that can endlessly be seared in our reminiscences.

Schindler’s List
Schindler's List tells the story of Oskar Schindler and his struggles to avoid wasting Jewish individuals from the Holocaust. It is a brutal and (source) coronary heart-wrenching story that exhibits simply how sickening and merciless the Nazi's regime was. Essentially the most powerful and heartbreaking scene of the movie is when these being saved are despatched to totally different camps and Schindler is forced to say goodbye to them. The scene ends with Schindler standing alone on the platform, weeping, figuring out that he may have achieved extra to assist them.

The Fault In Our Stars
The Fault In Our Stars is probably the most highly effective and heartbreaking tales ever told. We comply with Hazel and Augustus as they navigate life, dying, and teenage love. The two characters have an undeniable chemistry, making the scene where Hazel says goodbye to Augustus all the extra tragic. We can’t help however weep as Augustus sadly dies in her arms and the 2 share their last embrace.

The scene from Gladiator where Maximus is being reunited along with his household is one of the heartbreaking scenes in movie history. Maximus has been separated from his family for so long, so to see him be reunited with them after years of looking is a very powerful moment. We can’t help however tear up as Maximus tearfully embraces his spouse and son, (source) and the candy, compassionate manner he handles his family’s dying.

Forrest Gump
The dying of Forrest's beloved mother in Forrest Gump is a devastatingly touching scene. We comply with Forrest as he grows up with her love and knowledge, (source) and her demise causes him an unbelievable amount of pain. We can’t assist but be moved by Forrest’s grief as he sits crying at her graveside. Though it's a movie, the scene nonetheless leaves us feeling a deep sorrow and an empathy for Forrest’s loss.

The sinking of the Titanic is one of the iconic movie scenes of all time. We follow Jack and Rose as they bid farewell to each other before the ship goes down, reminding us that love stories don’t always have a contented ending. We can’t assist however feel a deep sorrow for Jack’s death and a sadness for Rose’s loss. The scene will eternally have a spot in movie historical past for its power to move us.

A Walk To recollect
Mandy Moore and Shane West made a fantastic couple in A Walk To recollect. We watch with fondness as the 2 of them fall in love, but it’s not a cheerful tale. We are left with a deep sadness when Jamie dies after a battle with cancer. It’s a devastating second and one which causes us to cry with sadness for the couple and their misplaced love.

The Green Mile
The Green Mile is a powerful movie that tells the story of an innocent man despatched to demise row. If you liked this write-up and you would certainly like to receive even more info relating to (source) kindly see the web site. In one of the crucial highly effective scenes of the movie, we watch a deeply troubled John Coffey clean the wounds of a sick little lady and consolation her by singing a song. It’s a heartbreaking scene that brings tears to our eyes as we are reminded of man’s inability to cease demise.

A lovely Mind
The opening scene of A lovely Mind options a younger John Nash, desperately attempting to decode a secret message from the government. We delic
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